About Us

Our Mission

At Tofuboo Studio, we strongly believe in the importance of the arts for children. Our mission is to provide art accessibility to children in Oahu through donating art sets around the island. 

20% of our profit will be dedicated towards creating these art sets, consisting of various art supplies and handmade coloring books. Most recently, we have donated $200 worth of art supplies to the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children! As of early this year, we were able to donate 150 coloring books to elementary school students and pages to the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center. 



The arts is an essential aspect of education, especially to the younger generations. Art is a great way for young kids to develop a creative/innovative mindset, problem solving techniques, social skills and more! These skills are crucial to our rapidly evolving society. 

Also, a great way to learn about different cultures is through art. Therefore, our aim is to spread awareness of asian cultural foods through our stickers.